Project Management

Architecture Process: Phase Six

During the project management phase, our team will work on your behalf to ensure the original design intent is executed properly. We do this by attending regular site visits to inspect the work that has been done at every stage. At each of these visits we will meet with your general contractor and subcontractors to address any questions or concerns that may come up. While some items may be able to be resolved on site, it is common for our team issue additional documents and drawings that propose ideal building solutions.


Our team will work as a liaison between you and the contractors that have been selected for the project. During the project management phase, we will oversee the residence’s construction to ensure that the design intent is met. Constant communication is crucial to this phase. Ein Haus operates very similarly to a design build firm in the way we manage our projects. Rather that the typical bi weekly or monthly site visits, we are on site several times a week and are very hands on during this time. We endeavor to make sure every nail goes in the right place from the start.


It is important that you and your family enter the construction process with an understanding that issues will arise. However, with a proactive approach, rigorous management and an open dialogue between our team, your builders, and you, we will quickly find solutions.