Construction Docs

Architecture Process: Phase Four

In this phase we take all of the designs that have been created and refined, and turn them into what’s called the Construction Documents. This is what the project will be built from. The intricate details that make the design special are resolved in this phase and will be translated to a set of drawings that a contractor will reference when bidding on the project. Here we also specify every material and detail essential to the design. Then it’s defined and prepared for delivery to contractors and the building department.


The documents that are created in this phase will be handed off to contractors and building departments so they must include rigorous detail. This includes everything from foundation plan, door and window schedules, plumbing diagrams, base electrical plans, base structural drawings, notation of existing conditions/demolition, power plans, plumbing fixture locations, reflected ceiling plans and notes indicating finishes and materials. These details, sections, schedules and notes will communicate, in detail, the design intent in a format that’s suitable for construction and meets code requirements


Refining every aspect of the project is a very involved task that requires deliberate attention to detail. For this reason, the Construction Documents Phase is often quite time-consuming. Although, we know you will be excited about the future home, we ask that you bear with us as we nit-pick the little details that we promise will make all the difference in the end.